Starting from the mid 90’s, the production of screws and bolts began moving in the direction of the Far East. As a result, numerous European and American manufacturers moved certain operations to those areas, especially standard production activities, while keeping the production of special formed pieces at the original facilities.
For its part, Essebi, in addition to its “traditional” factory near Milan, has established a new production unit in Shanghai.

The two facilities have precise, distinct sets of manufacturing and commercial tasks:

The main factory in Italy has reinforced its activities of technological research and development, as well as the manufacturing of special machines for cold and semi-hot formed products, plus automated and semi-automated machines, with the most advanced electronic systems available for adjustments and rapid changes of equipment.

The Shanghai factory focuses on the manufacture of machines for the Asian market, which are still geared primarily to the mass production of standard pieces. The technology of the presses is exactly identical to that found in Europe, being developed with constant support on the part of Italian engineers and technicians, with the result being high-tech machines that can be placed on the market at unquestionably competitive prices.